Who are our advisors?

Our advisors are expert professionals who provide advice in a particular area such as logistics, transportation, or supply chain management. Our advisors usually engage with multiple and changing clients, thus acquiring a vast knowledge of their subject matter.

By using SCMO advisors, clients have access to both broader & deeper expertise, at a much cheaper cost than employing experts in-house. It also allows them to refocus management time & efforts on core business areas.

In certain cases SCMO allows clients to benefit from a variable cost structure, reducing costs, risks, and headcount. In other situations, companies implementing a major project may need additional experienced staff to assist with increased workload during that period. We also offer advisors who may act as interim executives with decision-making power in line with clients' corporate policies.

Our advisors are talented people with a shared way of working and commitment to quality. This allows us to put together a team that can give you the seamless service you need, whatever your industry.


Our advisors' qualities

Located worldwide

Ex senior executives

Mobile geographically

20 to 40 years experience

In-depth logistics expertise

Embody SCMO philosophy

Previously worked in logistics

Respect SCMO code of ethics

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