Logistics & Transportation

We define empirically the logistics industry as including all the actors of the transportation and logistics sectors. This includes freight forwarders, courier companies, trucking companies, railways companies, warehousing companies, shipping lines, barging companies, and airlines. It represents more than USD 3 trillion.

Our advisors are expert professionals who were all ex senior executives in the logistics industry. With 20 to 40 years previous experience and in-depth logistics expertise, they usually engage with multiple and changing clients, thus acquiring a vast knowledge of their subject matter. This allows us to put together a team that can give you the seamless service you need, whatever your sector in the logistics industry.

In certain cases and on a retained basis, SCMO allows clients to benefit from a variable cost structure, reducing costs, risks, and headcount. In other situations, companies implementing a major project may need additional experienced staff to assist with increased workload during that period. We also offer advisors who may act as interim executives with decision-making power in line with clients’ corporate policies.

By using SCMO advisors, clients have access to both broader & deeper expertise, at a much cheaper cost than employing experts in-house. Our advisors are talented people that embody SCMO philosophy, and respect SCMO code of ethics with a shared way of working and commitment to quality. We offer bespoke expertise to the actors of the logistics industry. We also offer short term management executives, and solutions to potential conflict of interest.


Services we offer you

Due diligence
Expert witness
M&A integration
Agency network
Tender management
Interim management
Best standard practice
Mergers & acquisitions
Subcontractor selection
Supply chain restructuring
Warehousing & distribution
Logistics platforms & WMS
Representation & delegation
Supply chain creative solutions
Supply chain challenges solving
Systems, operations, software & IT
Facilitating customs release of cargo
Continuous operational audit training
Supply chain department restructuring

The following case study demonstrates how SCMO approach has been successfully applied to client issues.

A major freight forwarder needed to set up very precise loading SOP with suppliers in China for a 15,000 TEUs strong customer, which was recording 30% of cargo damaged at destination. Sending supervisory executives proved ineffective, and after one death at unloading, due to wrong loading, they called upon SCMO to intervene. We sent a specialized advisor to each supplier’s factory and negotiated strict new loading procedures. Precise loading plans & KPI were established, which decreased the proportion of damaged cargo to less than 1% within 3 months.