Logistics Events

Event planning is the process of planning a festival, ceremony, competition, party, concert, or convention. Event management is considered one of the strategic marketing and communication tools by companies of all sizes. From product launches to press conferences, companies create promotional events to help them communicate with clients and potential clients. At SCMO we specialize in logistics events.

We are not an event management company, nor are we a conference organizer. We are a logistics specialist. Henceforth we organize logistics events retained and hosted by one customer only.  Usually customers find those events useful to attract the attention of their own specific client base, either specialized in logistics, or interested in logistics.

Thanks to our web-based sustainability tool, we offer a sustainability touch to those events (event greening), which incorporates socially and environmentally responsible decision making into the planning, organization, implementation, and participation of the event. It involves including sustainable development principles and practices in all levels of event organization, and aims to ensure that an event is hosted responsibly.

We adapt ourselves to integrate your marketing and canvassing strategy with any event mode and theme or subject related to logistics. Here are both the logistics events modes we organize, as well as the assistance we offer our customers in logistics events management:


SCMO Logistics Events Modes
cocktail parties

Assistance offered by SCMO
establishing dates and alternate dates
selecting and reserving the event site
developing a logistics theme or subject for the event
arranging for speakers and alternate speakers
arranging decor
event support and security
event administration

We offer reputable and gifted public speakers, strongly specialized in the logistics arts, originating both from SCMO and from the logistics industry. Thanks to our exhaustive connections in the industry, we can bring to you some of the best-in-class and top leaders of the global logistics world: courier, freight forwarding, shipping line, airline, trucking, warehousing, logistics, project cargo, ship brokerage, logistics law, customs regulations & brokerage, logistics associations, and more.

For any event involving more than 100 people, we always use the assistance of an event management firm, that is structured to cater and manage events in a professional way for such numbers. We are always delighted to cooperate closely with our customers' in-house event management team, when any, and follow their lead. One of our requirement is a full prepaid payment of any such projects by our customer.

The following case study demonstrates how SCMO approach has been successfully applied to client issues.

Our client was a conference organizer, who was doing a series of seminars focused on the supply chain. They organized the administration, venues, and invitations and called upon SCMO for providing speakers and themes specialized in the industry. We offered several speakers highly specialized in various aspects of the supply chain. Thanks to their deep knowledge of their subject matter and their excellent image, our speakers attracted interest. These conferences were so successful that our client has now made it part of their regular offer.