Logistics Training

Companies, institutions, and governments sometimes need very focused training in a specific sector or industry. SCMO specializes in designing, creating, developing, implementing, and delivering custom-built training modules and programs focused on logistics, transportation, and supply chain management.

We serve all industries and institutions involved directly and indirectly with the logistics sector. We specialize in serving the resources sector by flying anywhere is required in the world so as to deliver our made-to-order best-in-class logistics training to logistics executives at the mine and at the well. We design and deliver training dedicated to the world's best companies and operators in the logistics industry, as they find value in our external insights of our industry's processes due to our constant benchmarking of the industry's evolution.

We create comprehensive logistics training programs for industry leaders, universities, and countries that want to deploy those training among their whole territory reach: nationally, regionally, globally. We fly "in situ" to serve governments and administrations in need of creating, improving, and perfecting the training of their administrations, teams, and population specialized in the logistics and transportation sector.

We publish traditional paper reports, training manuals, and exercises, as well as online. We are conversant in the use of the latest web-based technologies as training propagation means, such as wikis, social media (Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more), e-learning, massive open online course (MOOC), instant messaging (SMS, Whats'App, WeChat, and more), telecommunications (telephone, conference call, VoIP, Skype, Whats'App,...) and more.

Our training are delivered to multicultural environments in any language necessary. We design and localize our training to any culture and society, and adapt our pedagogy to local customs and habits, whatever its development stage in the logistics sector. Depending on the country, some processes are more efficient with basic and manual methodologies, while others require more advanced technologies. We always adapt our training to our audience, its existing logistics understanding - or absence of, its culture, its learning speed ability, its age range, its academic level, and its logistics experience - or absence of.

Our advisors are exceptional trainers, having managed and taught for 20+ years at senior executive level in the logistics industry all over the world. Our teaching methods are participative in style, with pedagogic presentation, interactive Q&A and practical case solving. Our made-to-order modules are exclusively based on experienced cases, easy to comprehend, and always generate an immediate operational value-add.

As our training development fees include the training creation + its first delivery time, we usually train future trainers that shall infuse further that knowledge exponentially within their teams, population, and organization. We can also deliver the training to multiple teams at various locations within country, upon request.


Industries concerned

Real estate
Logistics parks
Export/ Import
Freight forwarding
Corporate finance
Customs departments
Special economic zones
Other industries

The following case studies demonstrates how SCMO approach has been successfully applied to client issues.

A client involved in the mining industry needed specialized logistics, transportation, and supply chain management training for its SCM department. The training had to be provided at an isolated mining site. We scheduled appropriately with the client a number of training modules that could be given within a few successive days, and SCMO advisors flew to the mining site. The client benefited from world class training, SCMO certified, which both educated & motivated its people and gave them additional value for the future.

Logistics training offered

Time management
Business processes
Multicultural environment

Air freight
Sea freight
Freight forwarding
Logistics trainers training
Transportation specificities
Warehousing & distribution
Supply chain information technology

Duties & taxes
Logistics parks
Customs clearance
Customs regulations
Supply management
Supply chain strategy
Supply chain integration
Special economic zones
Training programs building
Supply chain management

Customer service
Sales & marketing
Quality management
Agency development
Measuring performance
Professional communication

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