Logistics Hotline

SCMO logistics hotline is a subscription to receive information and answers to questions related with the transportation, logistics, and supply chain management industry. Are excluded from the logistics hotline any questions concerning litigation, mergers & acquisition, audit, and advisory. We explain in details in this website how we cover those subjects separately.


You shall ask us your questions by email. As much as possible, we shall answer you in writing within 48h maximum (2 working days). Our answer is sent to you in writing by email, and mentions precisely the amount of time that is being deducted from your subscription quota. In case your question requires specific research that does not allow an answer within 48h, you shall be advised in writing of the necessary delay within 24h (1 working day).


Our expertise is offered on a global basis, even to companies present and registered in countries, where we do not have an office. Our geographical expertise covers the countries where SCMO is present, and mentioned in this list. Our subject expertise covers the subjects mentioned in this list, directly related with the expertise we own in the concerned countries.


The logistics hotline is subscribed for 1 year, that starts on the date of payment of the subscription. The yearly subscription rate is USD 3,950 (excluding VAT). This cost includes all the answers that we shall give you within 1 year, within the limit of 17 hours work (subscription quota). Beyond this package, your subscription entitles you to a discounted hourly rate of USD 290 per hour (excluding VAT). The minimum chargeable time is 30 minutes.

This subscription is valid for 1 year, and automatically renewable on a yearly basis, unless terminated with a 3 months' notice, by registered mail with A.R.. The A.R. address is clearly mentioned in your subscription agreement. Our rates are updated every year.


If you are interested to become a subscriber of the logistics hotline, please contact us accordingly. You may want to prepare the following information that is required to subscribe to our logistics hotline.

  1. company name
  2. names of people accredited to access the logistics hotline for your company
  3. email address(es) accredited by your company to receive answers from the logistics hotline
  4. signatory name
  5. signatory title
  6. signatory signature
  7. signatory telephone number
  8. signatory email
  9. official company stamp
  10. check or bank transfer to our bank account

All the necessary information to complete your subscription shall be given to you upon calling us at SCMO office nearest to you, or upon contacting us over this website. This subscription process is simple, fast, and can be completed within the hour. The subscription is complete upon payment of our fees. The logistics hotline is operational as soon as the subscription is completed.


The logistics hotline only covers answers by email to questions by email. For other kind of consultation on similar subjects, such as telephone consultations and live meetings, we enter in separate agreements at the rate of USD 1,000 per hour. We offer long term cooperation packages with discounted rates for recurrent assignments. We engage customers directly, and it is also possible to engage us indirectly through Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), for non-existing customers only. All other modes of consultation on any logistics, transportation, and supply chain management subjects related with our core expertise are described in details in this website.

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