Blockchain in Logistics

Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the new buzz words. Blockchain is an Internet Protocol (IP) that most assuredly facilitates the "sharing economy". It is now starting to deploy globally, acquiring maturity in the financial world, and many other industries are being pulled in. This is the case for the transportation industry, where Proofs of Concepts (PoCs) are starting to flourish everywhere.

Those who have positioned themselves advantageously by offering a service/ product built on blockchain technology, will then have the possibility to overcome incumbents, let them behind, and take the lead in their industry. To position themselves, they first need to understand blockchain, which is at the junction of those 3 concepts:

  1. Digitization of a process

  2. Encryption by logic of blocks

  3. Pier to Pier technology (P2P)

While blockchain technology originates from a crypto-currency named Bitcoin, this technology can also be used for an infinity of other applications in other industries. Not only crypto-currencies like Ethereum or other financial applications, where blockchain does thrive, but also simple digital contracts (smart contracts), record keeping, securities, and even transportation and logistics applications. Blockchain is basically a stupid digital machine that offers value, when it is automatically fed by database through the sharing economy, without human interaction. It offers the following optimization of Human economy:

  1. More convenience

  2. Faster speed

  3. Cheaper costs

Thanks to its "modus operandi", blockchain also offers the following value-adds:

  1. Trust

  2. Security

  3. Immutability

Being at the crossroads of the supply chain and blockchain industries, SCMO offers blockchain experts advisors, who are also supply chain experts. We are at the fore-front of the blockchain trend and help you position yourself vis-à-vis blockchain, when you feel it is appropriate for you to look ahead and prepare for what is to come. We usually proceed as follows:

  1. Help you understand blockchain from outside of your industry silo (IT, finance, transportation...etc)

  2. Choose 5 industries on which to focus for building your blockchain application

  3. Assist you identify, develop, and position a blockchain application that offers your services/ products

So the services we offer related to blockchain help you do the following:

  1. Understand blockchain through our "Introduction to blockchain" presentation

  2. Identify whether, where, and how blockchain could play a role in your activity/ industry

  3. Strategizing and choosing your blockchain application/ solution/ project

  4. Finding the right developer/ CTO and building your blockchain application

  5. Find the right members of your team from very different backgrounds, who complete each others

  6. How to build a proof of concept at the most optimized cost

  7. Understand ICOs' parallel dimensions of B2B and B2C crowdfunding

  8. Assess an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) validity, seriousness, and professionalism

  9. Differentiate a serious ICO from a scam ICO

  10. Build your ICO professionally

  11. Present and market your ICO

  12. Find the best advisors for your ICO

  13. Find the right specialized and professional law firm for your ICO

  14. Find the right marketing, PR & communication firms specialized in ICO

  15. Find show-business stars with a consequent following of millions for your ICO's marketing exposure towards the B2C aspect (PR & communication purpose)

  16. Know the latest regulations worldwide related to ICOs, which help you decide where you want to domicile your ICO company

  17. The logic of escrow, whitepaper, code repository, proper business model, revenue model, realistic goals, proof of concept, market niche, VC and PE involvement, and community feedback

  18. How to receive investments in normal currencies and crypto-currencies alike

  19. Why and how to never forget to show the current product state/ status

  20. Write a professional business project, business plan, and white paper with technical details, when related with transportation

  21. Find the right partners for your project, when related with logistics and transportation

  22. Make a feasibility study justifying the relevance of your project, when related with logistics & transportation

  23. Be attentive to the every details that will be used as criteria to rate your ICO by all rating agencies, include them and present them the right way in your project


The following case studies demonstrate how SCMO approach has been successfully applied to client issues.

One of the world's largest shipping line asked SCMO to do a study on blockchain, and its possible applications in the shipping industry. This was when the market cycle was at its lowest ever in shipping, and when shipping lines were bankrupting, merging, and regrouping for survival. Shipping lines were at that time ripe and open for anything helping them save costs. Blockchain is such a technology of the sharing economy that may allow to save costs. So we identified a product to be built on blockchain technology, that this shipping line has been preparing since, so as to be ready for when the blockchain era starts. Then this shipping line will have a competitive advantage in its sector, and might even choose to sell that service to other shipping lines, transforming its competitors as customers...

For the purpose of an ICO, SCMO was assigned by a client to find the best possible project team to be associated with the project. We delivered within an extremely short deadline both a global law firm specialized in ICOs, a number of very senior advisors specialized in finance, blockchain, and/ or fintech, as well as some showbusiness stars with a following amounting from dozens of million of followers to hundreds of million of followers worldwide. This resulted in a very satisfied customer and a successful ICO.

A well-funded startup came to SCMO for help, wanting to raise an investment fund in shipping by using the ICO new fund raising instrument. After thorough due diligence, as well as exploratory and brainstorming sessions, the project morphed into a global platform that allows to liquidate part of heavy industry assets, starting with ships. This with a twist of allowing investors to choose the sustainability level of their investment thanks to a proprietary rating created by the client. The platform is based on a utility token, while each assets tokenized is based on its own securities token. SCMO helped for assessing the project's feasibility, recruiting the members of the team, the right lawyers, the partners, the marketing & PR firms, the advisors to the board, as well as the technical advisors and the fund raising advisors. This client has now been granted a securities license as well as an exchange license for its operations, becoming in effect one of the first successful STOs (Security Token Offering).