Tender Management in Logistics

hile you focus on your core business, you might want to use outsourced expertise to help you buy logistics and transportation services at the optimum price. Our advisors are experts at managing tenders, while you will always remain the ultimate decider of the final choice.

At SCMO we specialize in tender management for air-freight rates, courier rates, railways rates, trucking & distribution rates, multi-modal rates, sea-freight rates, warehousing & logistics rates, freight forwarding rates, contract rates, as well as logistics parks and special economic zones conditions. This includes normal cargo as well as special cargo such as dangerous (DG) or high-value cargo.

We analyze your flows, your rates and your needs. We then set up an RFQ adapted to our industry. This makes your project & company attractive to bidders. The RFQ is both clearly structured and complete so as to facilitates your subcontractors' bidding. They can spend their time internally to obtain for you the best conditions, instead of externally by asking you endlessly for what is missing. A mapping of the most appropriate potential bidders for your cargo and flows is presented to you for invitation.

We organize and accompany your meetings with the bidders. We consolidate all the data for your final decision to a strict timetable. Such tender management situation may be dealt in one or two rounds. Once the subcontracting partner(s) is selected, we then accompany the implementation, operational teams introduction, SOP building process, and IT interfacing. When agreed, we can also help you trouble-shoot & maintain a harmonious relationship with subcontractors for the length of the contract.


The following case study demonstrates how SCMO approach has been successfully applied to client issues.

A manufacturing/ distribution client in the electronics industry had its freight volumes traditionally bought by the buying department and decided to give it to the shipping department to handle. As it was not specialized in tendering its 5,000 TEUs FCL & 800 CBM LCL sea freight and 1,000 Tons air freight, the shipping department called us for help. We chose the right season to invite both the existing subcontractors and other chosen potential partners, specialized in the concerned trades. We led and managed the tender to a strict timetable. As a result, better quality of service was offered, one of the existing partners remained, while a new partner joined the company as a subcontractor, and SCMO helped the company save US$ 3 million of pure profit in the outsourced tendering process.