Corporate Social Responsibility

SCMO is committed to bring its modest contribution to societal change and promoting environmental sustainability. We are creating long-term value for the communities where we live and work and, ultimately, designing and delivering solutions that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for both business and the world as a whole.

Environmental sustainability

We understand the will to be sustainable as being the will to survive. We recognize that the world is an ecosystem, and that thriving in it comes with respecting its balance. This requires wisdom, discernment, and pragmatism. And this is how we focus on sustainability; with pragmatism. Whatever the origin of carbon emissions, it is a fact that pollution has an impact on humanity and on our ecosystem.

So we focus pragmatically on pollution and emissions from a logistics and supply chain point of view. We offer a web-based tool that manages and reports sustainability impacts across the entire supply chain. We also have an offsite offices policy with our people, which helps us reduce our own carbon emissions impact. Moreover, SCMO has been a signatory of The Carbon Price Communiqué since 2012 for the run up to the UNFCC COP 18 negotiations in Doha.

As such we make the case for setting a price on carbon emissions as one of the main building blocks of an effective and ambitious climate change policy framework. By participating with this statement, alongside world leaders such as Shell, Swire, ERM, KPMG, and many more, we are reiterating the value of a strong carbon price as a tool that if designed properly, can work along with other complementary policies to deliver carbon emissions reductions proportionate with the scale of the climate challenge.

Education and skills

In order to participate to MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) free online education effort (e-learning), we provide favored and disfavored people with access to fulfill their learning aspirations and potential. Are available on this website free insights and knowledge in the sectors of logistics, transportation, and supply chain management.

Additionally we offer free Rss feeds and newsletters specialized in logistics news, logistics analysis, and other cultural subjects.

Pro bono and charity

We encourage our people to assist charitably by offering pro bono services, on a personal basis, to those who could not afford our services otherwise. This should be strictly limited in time and in form. It is usually offered to start-up companies (less than 1 year), as well as NGOs (when we understand their actual value add). More rarely, we participate in charitable organizations, especially when it is required by our customers due to their CSR regulations.

Information technology

We have adopted a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in order to participate in the global effort of managing consumption to sustainable levels. We are also following a MDM (Mobile Device Management) policy, so as to offer more polyvalence, flexibility, and availability for both our clients and our people. We use a MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform), which allows us to reduce our exchanges of emails and documents, henceforth reducing our carbon emissions.

Ethics and integrity

SCMO code of ethics, rules of practice management, and professional standards help our people define the boundaries within which we operate. They also help you understand who we are and how we operate. This is one of the foundations of SCMO organization, and of our success.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
— Lao Tzu