Distribution & Manufacturing

We define empirically the distribution industry as including all the actors of the physical supply chain of industrial goods and consumer goods (not chemicals nor pharmaceuticals), from their origin (resources) to their final destination (consumers). As such, the distribution industry includes manufacturers, trading companies, buying offices, importers & exporters, agents, wholesalers, actual distributors, retailers, e-commerce companies, and more.

Agents, traders and buying offices often function on a modest margin per piece. They can optimize profitability by instigating procedures and systems which allow for the handling of large quantities of products. Logistics and transportation is no exception, and a lean, cost effective, and efficient supply chain is part of the value they offer to their clients.

The relatively new e-commerce industry follows on the tracks of the mail-order industry. It has the capacity to develop a market in a few weeks/ months, instead of a few years in the past. But where there was years in the past to prepare an adequate supply chain, there is now only weeks to create the optimum warehousing and delivery solution. Locally, regionally, and sometimes globally.

This is where SCMO is of value to the distribution industry. With 20 to 40 years previous experience as ex senior executives in the logistics industry, our advisors are expert professionals who have a vast knowledge of the logistics, transportation, and supply chain sector. We understand both how shipping lines, airlines, freight forwarders, courier, and warehousing companies think. We engage with multiple and changing clients, thus acquiring a vast knowledge of the distribution industry variables and requirements. This allows us to put together a team that can give you the seamless service you need, whatever your sector in the distribution industry.


Services we offer you

Due diligence
M&A integration
Logistics platforms
Tender management
Interim management
Vendors' consolidation
Best standard practice
Subcontractor selection
Supply chain restructuring
Warehousing & distribution
Logistics platforms & WMS
Supply chain creative solutions
Supply chain challenges solving
China import/ export corporations
Facilitating customs release of cargo
Continuous operational audit training
Supply chain department restructuring

The following case study demonstrates how SCMO approach has been successfully applied to client issues.

Our client was a major DIY retailer, already strongly established in Europe and in North America. As most of their sourcing was originating from China, they decided to create long term logistics platforms in China, so as to reduce the costs charged by logistics partners in their market countries. Our advisors helped them map the appropriate platforms location, based on both their suppliers’ location and the transportation hubs. We then installed VMI logistics platforms with the vendor’s consolidation facility at the chosen locations. The web-based stock-take & ordering helped them to ship directly upon request to either regional platforms or even to individual stores in their market countries. They have successfully implemented this solution and have considerably reduced their logistics costs.