Logistics Sustainability

We understand the will to be sustainable as being the will to survive. We recognize that the world is an ecosystem, and that thriving in it comes with respecting its balance. This requires wisdom, discernment, and pragmatism. And this is how we focus on sustainability; with pragmatism. Whatever the origin of carbon emissions, it is a fact that pollution has an impact on humanity and on our ecosystem. So we focus pragmatically on pollution and emissions from a logistics and supply chain point of view.

We offer a web-based tool that manages and reports sustainability impacts across the entire supply chain: TURNKEY SOLUTIONS. Reports specify measurement & benchmarking of carbon footprint (CO2), nitrates oxides (NOx), sulfure oxides (SOx), energy, fuel, waste, water, gas, steam, and costs. Reports also measure and benchmark your suppliers' sustainability performance, and help you monitor, enforce, and optimize your cooperation with those service providers.

This tool helps you manage carbon offsets, cost reduction strategy, reporting, eco-supplier ratings, KPIs, and recurrent audits of your sustainability in as many sites as necessary. The system is ISO 14001 certified as well as LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified, which helps your organization comply with those standards.

We partner with BSR (Business for Social Responsibility), which membership list spans through all industries. TURNKEY SOLUTIONS is managed by a structure separate from SCMO that develops, promotes, and distributes this sustainable solution through a dedicated website. Our pragmatic contribution to logistics sustainability is by offering corporations and institutions in all industries help to manage their environmental footprints with this cost-effective and high-value solution.

Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority.
— Bill Gates