Other Industries

Our clients engage SCMO to help them design, manage and implement business improvements in their supply chain. Increasingly, value in the supply chain is created across a complex network of partners, suppliers, customers, and stakeholders. Survival and success depends on collaboration amongst them, which often depends on how your supply chain is organized. Our advisors bring together a full range of functional and industry skills applied to the supply chain to help you in this environment. Whatever your industry, our global network of professionals can provide you with highly responsive advice that meets your logistics, transportation and supply chain management (SCM) needs.

Other industries served

Barging operators
Education & training
Logistics contractors
Warehousing operators
Project cargo operators
Port owners & operators
Airport owners & operators


Risk mitigation
Executive search
Event management
Property developers
Wholesalers & distribution


Cold chain
Customs brokers
Ship manufacturing
Military & security
Consulting & advisory
Importers & exporters
Software development
Governments & administrations

The following case study demonstrates how SCMO approach has been successfully applied to client issues.

Our client was a conference organizer, who was doing a series of seminars focused on the supply chain. They organized the administration, venues, and invitations and called upon SCMO for providing speakers specialized in the industry. We offered several speakers highly specialized in various aspects of the supply chain. Thanks to their deep knowledge of their subject matter and their excellent image, our advisors attracted interest. These conferences were so successful that our client has now made it part of their regular offer.