We offer three newsletters that are complimentary. Our intent is a mix of our CSR commitment to educate, a way to gain exposure, and a mean to inform on the latest SCMO trends.

These newsletters are published and edited by SCMO on this website. They are written by SCMO publishing team, and sometimes by other publishers on other media. These articles, novels, and shorts are exclusively written by SCMO people and subject matter expert friends. There is no regularity to these newsletters publication. New articles are published as soon as something new happens. Daily, weekly, monthly. It comes when we feel it is appropriate.

1. Logistics newsletter

These articles are written on subjects related to the logistics world as we see it. Globally, regionally, and locally. From various angles including financial, legal, infrastructure, operational, regulatory, strategic, sectorial, cultural, analytical...etc. Sometimes the subject spans over other industries, as we consider these insights of importance, due to their incidence on the logistics sector.

2. Cultural newsletter

This newsletter is focused on the economical, social, and cultural aspects of the ecosystem in which we constantly bathe, and which defines us. We keep a constant watch of our various societies, and our progressively merging economies, as it is within those that transportation and logistics take place, adapt themselves, and evolve. Similarly do we constantly adapt ourselves to bring you the logistics solutions you need, depending on the development stage of your environment. As a result, similar challenges may find very different solutions, depending on the ecosystem in which they enfold.

3. SCMO newsletter

This newsletter concerns SCMO as an advisory firm, and our offering of services specialized in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management. We highlight new services, new people, new offices, new milestones, new events.

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We have sourced stories from market report and personal accounts, and every effort is made to reflect news and facts fairly and accurately. However we can make no warranties of any kind as to the contents of reports and we shall not be held liable for damages. Our views represent our current opinions with respect to available data and information.