Code of Ethics

Here are SCMO code of ethics, rules of practice management, and professional standards. They help our people define the boundaries within which we operate. They help you understand who we are and how we operate.

When representing SCMO, or when utilizing SCMO trade names, SCMO people shall:

  1. agree to adhere to SCMO rules of practice management, which are published in SCMO website, and may change from time to time.
  2. accept and adhere to quality standards and all other bylaws, rules and procedures, established by SCMO from time to time.
  3. strictly follow the terms of the contract between SCMO and the customers, which SCMO people accept to carry out upon SCMO request.
  4. demonstrate the level of courtesy and proper behavior as is expected in the industry and to the satisfaction of SCMO and the customers’ high standards and requirements.
  5. not be under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or any other mind-altering or addictive substance as defined by applicable law in force. SCMO people are expected to reasonably entertain customers as is customary in the industry.
  6. refrain from taking any action to cause prejudice to or damage SCMO reputation.
  7. not associate with individuals, professionals or clients who are known to have acted with dishonesty or acted unlawfully.
  8. answer emails from customers and SCMO people within twenty-four (24) hours, which is considered normal and good practice in the industry.
  9. not approach or initiate talks with potential clients conflicting with SCMO existing customer base, nor offer services that SCMO cannot deliver.
  10. not accept any fee, commission, present, or any payment of any kind from the customers or their subcontractors or agents.
  11. keep all internal SCMO information and expertise strictly confidential.
  12. keep all customers' information strictly confidential.
Look for 3 things in a person: intelligence, energy & integrity. If they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two.
— Warren Buffet