Richard Colwill

Dr Richard D Colwill has over 25 years' experience in the marine planning and risk field, with the last 17 in Asia. Richard's experience has covered a vast range of projects, from the siting and layout of individual piers to the planning of major Regional port and ferry transport networks.

Given that most port construction is “throwing money into the sea”, Richard's focus has been on the critical review of client needs, constraints and opportunities in order to maximize the value of investment. Recognizing that physical infrastructure forms just a part of port system recent focus has been on the resources and human capital required to ensure effective, efficient and safe operations.  His experience has been honed by assisting the development of infrastructure suitable for safe operation in Hong Kong, one of the world’s busiest ports. 

Richard holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Manchester and BSc & MSc in Maritime and Civil Engineering from the University of Liverpool. He is a regular conference speaker in port and marine events, and has published in numerous proceedings and papers.

Richard's love of the sea extends to his personal life where he is an enthusiastic sailor and diver.

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