SCMO attends HSBC Digital Summit

SCMO attended HSBC Digital Summit and spoke with the robot Sophia...

SCMO attends the RUSSIAN BUSINESS CLUB Belt and Road initiative conference

SCMO attended the Belt and Road initiative conference held by both the RUSSIAN BUSINESS CLUB and the HONG KONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY at the Hong Kong Club building. The conference subject was namely "One Belt One Road's impact on Central Asia".

The conference hosted two Russian speakers from SKOLKOVO INSTITUTE FOR EMERGING MARKET STUDIES (IEMS) - Moscow School of Management, namely Alexey Kalinin and Vladimir Korovkin. They respectfully spoke about "the geo-economics of Central Asia as part of the Belt and Road initiative", and of "Migration: strategic management of opportunities for economic growth".

SCMO assists IPPF to prepare PENNWELL event

SCMO assisted the IPPF preparation of a PENNWELL event in Hong Kong