Can SCMO do some transportation for me?


SCMO is only an advisory firm, and we do not operate in order to prevent any conflict of interest. That is why we are called a 4PL.

That is also why advanced logistics 3PL, such as DHL and others, who do have excellent advisory services similar to SCMO called themselves 3PL. This is a sign that they are ethically correct. Indeed such operators will always use their own operations first, due to the "break-even" pressure, and shall only thereafter look for solutions outside of their own operations.

Beware operators that call themselves 4PL. They are probably advanced logistics 3PL trying to disguise themselves in 4PL for marketing purpose. Some also are sourcing or trading companies having integrated part of their supply chain, such as warehousing and distribution. In those cases, they are using the term "4PL" improperly, which is easy to do as it is a new term, and therefore a bit confusing for many people.

A 4PL is typically a non-asset based organization, as per Accenture's definition. At SCMO we do not have such challenge, as we do not have any operations, and we are non-asset based. Our only asset is our people's subject matter expertise.

Nicolas de Loisy

Advisory specialized in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management.