If we need logistics expertise why don’t we just recruit a new manager?

Sometimes this is the right solution. But there isn’t such a large pool of available and experienced logistics specialists, while the really good people will tend to be attracted to careers with the largest multinationals and 3PLs. You may end up recruiting someone who can follow orders but who cannot work out what the orders should be. And whoever you recruit will never be as knowledgeable as SCMO shared pool of expertise.

There will often be an option to use an advisor to define your logistics roadmap or diagnose your problems/ opportunities and design a project program to resolve them. SCMO is such an advisory firm. You will then be able to maximize the benefit from any external hires, or even promote from within your company. From a professional standpoint we are always keen to coach our clients' own staff and help them to develop their own skills and training in logistics.

Nicolas de Loisy

Advisory specialized in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management.