What should we look for in a logistics advisor?

Bear in mind that “logistics” and “advisory” are two very different skill sets.

You can appoint a logistics professional to carry out a project, but if he or she lacks advisory skills you may – for example - end up with a good technical report on what should be done, but no internal conviction within your company as to the right way forward. If you appoint an advisor with no in-depth logistics experience you are at least doubling your risks.

Other than that, look for “done it before” experience relating to your particular needs, and relating to your industry sector. Ensure that the advisor who has “done it before” is actually on the team that is going to do the work, rather than merely being there for the sales meetings. If in doubt, follow up references. Effective advisors will have no problem in getting past clients to speak in their favour, and so can SCMO.

Nicolas de Loisy

Advisory specialized in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management.