SCMO attends the KOREAN Peninsula Rountable


SCMO attended the "2017 KOREAN Peninsula Rountable" conference organized in Hong Kong by the CONSULATE GENERAL OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA in Hong Kong and Macao SARS and LINGNAN UNIVERISTY's CENTRE FOR ASIAN PACIFIC STUDIES.

This conference addressed highly current and important issues, such as North Korea's nuclear quest and international responses; China's North Korea policy; Republic of Korea's policies toward China and North Korea; and China-ROK relations after the 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.
The speakers are highly renowned experts in their fields. They include Professor Li Bin of Tsinghua University, Professor Ren Xiao of Fudan University, Professor Shi Yinhong of Renmin University, Professor Simon Shen of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Zhang Baohui of Lingnan University, Professor Eric Kim of Dankuk University, Professor Hwang Jaeho of Hankuk Foreign Studies University, Kim Kisu, Chief Reporter of Naeil News Agency, Professor Kim Han-kwon of Korean National Diplomatic Academy; and Mr. Cho Song-jun, Deputy Director of Korean Peninsula Peace Regime Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea.

Nicolas de Loisy

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