SCMO advises a major shipping line to deploy its blockchain strategy

SCMO has been helping one of the world's largest shipping line to:

  1. Understand blockchain from outside of its industry silo,
  2. Choose 5 industries to focus upon when developing its application, and
  3. What application/solution based on blockchain technology to develop in the shipping industry.

Once finalized and launched on the market, this solution will be giving that shipping line the following assets/ advantages:

  1. To acquire a competitive advantage in its industry, and
  2. To possibly even be able to sell the services offered by its blockchain application/ solution to its competitors, which would then become its customers as well.

At SCMO, we help you develop your blockchain applications/ solutions, both strategically as well as operationally. Please contact us for any further question.

Nicolas de Loisy

Advisory specialized in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management.