SCMO presents Mongolia railways as a case study for Central Asia landlocked countries and FDI flows at the Railways Logistics Solution Forum

SCMO spoke on Friday 13th of January 2017 at KPMG about "Mongolia railways: a case study for Central Asia landlocked countries and FDI flows?" at the "Railway Logistics Solution Forum" organized by the GSCC - Global Supply Chain Council.

The presentation abstract reads:

The “Belt and Road” crosses Asia, Central Asia, and Europe, including more than a dozen land-locked countries. For those, rail is key and the cheapest mode of transportation, as they do not have access to the sea. Is this a curse or an opportunity? What do landlocked countries teach us? What do railways teach us? How to finance such railways? How to turn the land-locked factor weakness into a strength? What logistics ecosystems does rail belong to? This presentation will apprehend all those subjects by using Mongolia case study, and by showing what to do, and what not to do…


SCMO presents "Mongolia logistics Infrastructure"

SCMO presented a presentation regarding "Mongolia logistics infrastructure" to a client that asked us to disseminate this information in closed circles.

This presentation describes Mongolia logistics infrastructure with a systemic approach, through its:

  1. Trade flows (mix, exports, imports, economic complexity, mining, agriculture, energy, food, e-commerce),
  2. Modal aspect (water, rail, road, air, logistics),
  3. Financial aspect (corruption, corruption process, political risk, FDI risk mitigation, FDI channels, financial institutions), and
  4. 32 current logistics infrastructure projects that Mongolia is involved with locally and regionally.