How do you charge?

SCMO helps you save money and generate value add. The way we charge depends on what you need.

Long term cooperation fee

Our subject matter exposure in terms of services and our geographical exposure in terms of offices allow us to offer global long term cooperation packages. SCMO prides itself to be the value partner of a number of companies, who outsource with us certain parts of their logistics, transportation and supply chain management functions on a long term basis (years). We have established preferential long term cooperation fees that recognize this win/ win situation.

Monthly, Daily & Hourly fee

For some projects, it may be easier to calculate SCMO input related to the time spent by our advisors on the assignment. It offers flexibility to our client, as far as costings are concerned, in relation with the time they wish us to spend on the question. It is also a convenient way for both parties to establish a fee base, when it is not possible to evaluate in advance what amount of time is necessary for the project.

Lumpsum fee

For standard projects or well identified missions, which are task oriented, it is possible to agree on a lumpsum fee for the specific project. Roles and responsibilities of our advisors are clearly defined and documented in our fixed price agreement with clients. Amounts of the lumpsum fee is to be discussed on a case by case basis.

Success fee

For tenders and cost optimization assignments, we offer the solution of a success fee, on a retained basis. Thus it allows an immediate return with a minimal investment for our customers! The project is carefully evaluated by our advisors prior to entering into an agreement with our clients. When our return expectancy is too low, we then switch from a success fee offer to a lumpsum fee or time fee offer. Our competitive advantage compared with "cost killers" is that our deep knowledge of the logistics & transportation industries allows us to reduce costs in a balanced way with our clients' subcontractors, while always improving the service quality.

Nicolas de Loisy

Advisory specialized in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management.