How does SCMO compare with others in the advisory sector?

SCMO delivers work’s quality to the level of the best-in-class and oldest advisory firms, such asMcKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), AT Kearney, Booz Allen Hamilton, and more. SCMO unique selling point (USP) compared with those well established firms is that while they are all generalists, SCMO is a specialist.

SCMO only specializes in the advisory of logistics, transportation, and supply chain management. Moreover, SCMO experts all come from the industry of logistics, transportation, and supply chain management, where they were active operationally or functionally. None of them come from the advisory industry as such. As a consequence, not only is SCMO capable to deliver services at the strategic layer of expertise, but SCMO experts are also capable to implement what has been planned.

SCMO has a lot of respect for the leaders of the advisory industry. We are actually honored to frequently cooperates with those firms, such as some of the Big Four (Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young, KPMG) and others. Generally, they introduce SCMO to their customers, for which they have completed strategic advisory, and which need implementation they cannot undertake to avoid conflict of interest.

Nicolas de Loisy

Advisory specialized in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management.