SCMO assisted QUANTRONIX in finding their distributor for Asia Pacific. QUANTRONIX distributes laser scans dedicated to measuring boxes and packages size in high speed conveyor belts in warehouses and logistics platforms.

We went through a systematic mapping of all potential distributors in Asia Pacific. We narrowed that screening with a discreet inquiry to them regarding their potential interest, without mentioning QUANTRONIX's name. For those interested, we then asked them further to answer an in-depth Q&A relative to both size & exposure, expertise & range complementarity, company & commercial culture, potential conflict of interest, CSR & compliance...etc.

We then met those who were still valid prospects, in order to see whether their "company body language" was one that could fit with that of QUANTRONIX. By that time, we had authority to let them know QUANTRONIX name, which also helped see their reaction and level of interest.

All those elements were given to QUANTRONIX, when we finally presented them with 5 solid potential distributors. QUANTRONIX then met all 5, discussed and negotiated with them, and chose the one they preferred, to their satisfaction to this day.

Nicolas de Loisy

Advisory specialized in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management.