SCMO assisted XENA SECURITY with their transportation in Hong Kong and Europe.

One of our assignments with XENA was when they had a delay in production, which resulted in an emergency shipment by air-freight for quite a number of sea-freight containers. This resulted in a volume not far from 100 Tons, which could either justify to charter a very large plane or call us for help. So they called us.

We put this volume to tender. Not only had the shipments to be sent in a very short time frame, but we also had very little time to organize it. We invited the largest freight forwarders specialized in air-freight, who already have huge volumes of air-freight cargo, work with many airlines, and also are very familiar with chartering planes, when necessary.

The result of this tender was excellent, lucky, and opportunist. One of our bidders was ready to give XENA a very competitive rate, due to volume/ weight optimization with other cargoes they already had for that shipment's period of time. Considering the rate they had already charged their other customers for this shipment, they would then increase their margin tremendously, and were ready to give us a large share of it...

We therefore helped XENA optimize to the best possible way possible, both in terms of service quality, respect of delays & transit-time, as well as cost. This helped them not lose all their margin on that shipment, which was originally due to be shipped by sea-freight.