SCMO attends R3 seminar


SCMO attended R3 seminar in Hong Kong, where was presented the latest version of CORDA 2.0, its specificities, and its advantages in the blockchain world for facilitating both blockchain and non-blockchain applications, despite not being a blockchain application.

SCMO creates SLI logistics control tower


SCMO helped create, design and implement SLI LOGISTICS logistics control tower for servicing their customers.

The "Logistics Control Tower" allows faster, closer, easier, more structured, and cheaper interactions and communication between SLI LOGISTICS and their customers. It is web-based, responsive, and acts as an automatized "global super customer service desk", using both IT functionalities, tracking & tracing solutions, mobile applications, and soft artificial intelligence (AI).

It helps reduce Human interactions by about 70% and therefore reduces costs accordingly.

SCMO attends Dialogue with GOOGLE GREATER CHINA


SCMO attended "Dialogue with Google Greater China President Scott Beaumont" organized by HKUST - HONG KONG UNIVERSITY FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY and AMCHAM in Hong Kong.

A cross-industry dialogue with Google’s President of China on the future of artificial intelligence and related opportunities. Scott Beaumont, Google's President for Greater China, will share Google's vision in bringing the benefits of AI to everyone, providing new ways of looking at old problems, and helping transform how we work and live.

SCMO attends HKMW Blockchain in Shipping and Logistics Event


SCMO attended the "Blockchain in Shipping and Logistics Event" organized by CHAIN OF THINGS, sponsored by INCE & CO, and part of HKMW - HONG KONG MARITIME WEEK in Hong Kong.

SCMO attends LSCM conference


SCMO attended the "Logistics, Robotics, and Technologies for Belt & Road Initiative" Logistics Summit organized by the LSCM - HONG KONG R&D CENTRE FOR LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES in the HKSTP - Hong Kong Park of Science and Technologies, Hong Kong.